Day Time Ceramics Classes

Regular Classes are booked in 5 session blocks, your first block of 5 costs £140 and includes all materials & firing charges. In these 5 sessions you will learn the basics of how to work with clay using a variety of different techniques & try out a couple of different glazing styles.

If you decide you want to keep coming on a regular basis, subsequent blocks cost £115 each, which covers your clay, glazes and most firing costs, there may be an additional firing charge for very tall/wide pieces or for more than average level of production – this doesn’t apply to most people but once you get proficient on the wheel you can produce a lot of wares very rapidly, likewise with hand building if you start making a large garden sculptures which takes up half the kiln there will be an extra charge to cover the electricity consumed.

Sessions must be taken in consecutive weeks, however regular potters may be able attend another daytime class or do a double length session upon request & if space allows.

If you have already completed an introductory block and want to more blocks but intermittently the fee will be £140 per block. Place priority will go to the weekly potters first.

The classes are free form so you may work on your own ideas or take inspiration from an example project. If you’re a complete beginner Helen will be there to guide you through each process, whilst experienced makers are free to get on by themselves though help & advice is available if desired.

If you are looking to throw on the wheel please say so when booking as we’ll need to make sure there’s a wheel available for you, if you’re a complete beginner on the wheel we advise you to do an Introduction to Throwing session before signing up for a group session.

Daytime Classes are:

Mondays  10-12 noon 

Wednesdays – 10-12 noon

Fridays 10-12 Noon  and  1-3pm

To book on please complete form below: