Introduction to Throwing

Get started on the Wheel

Get your hands mucky with this 2 hour introduction to throwing on the potters wheel. Learn the basics of centring, opening out & pulling up the walls of your pot.

Cost & Booking

The course costs £140 for 1 or 2 people – so bring a friend and it works out much more affordable, if you have 2 friends who want to join you that’s fine too as we have 3 wheels, the cost for 3 people is £210 total, which includes the glazing & firing of 2 finished pots per person. If you want to keep more of your wares its £7.50 per additional pot fired.
If you haven’t got a friend who wants to get mucky with you, we do have a list of people eager to get some bonus wheel time in so do get in touch and if diaries work out the fee for 1 person is £70, this includes the firing of 2 finished pots.
Course fees are payable in advance, any additional firing charges due on the day once you’ve decided how many you’d like to keep.
Workshops are available Wednesdays between 1-4pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10am-4pm and at weekends from 10am – 6pm.

To enquire please complete the form below & we’ll get back to you to confirm dates & times: