Here you can view a number of pieces both functional and decorative, made by Helen Woolner here at Fired Up Studios.

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Ceramic Sculpture -Naked Raku

With the Naked Raku firing technique the glaze layer cracks off like an eggshell after the firing process, the surface left behind is smooth burnished clay bearing the patterns of the smoke that permeated through the glaze outer shell before it fell away, every piece is therefore completely unique. Structural/Functional Naked Raku Ceramic Sculpture with … Continue reading Ceramic Sculpture -Naked Raku

Ceramic Sculpture – Raku

Raku is a low temperature, rapid firing technique where the work is lifted out of a gas fired kiln at around 960c and placed and sealed into a reduction chamber filled with sawdust, which catches light and burns up the oxygen and makes smoke, thus creating the metallic colours and black smoky features of the … Continue reading Ceramic Sculpture – Raku