Ceramic Sculpture -Naked Raku

With the Naked Raku firing technique the glaze layer cracks off like an eggshell after the firing process, the surface left behind is smooth burnished clay bearing the patterns of the smoke that permeated through the glaze outer shell before it fell away, every piece is therefore completely unique.


Naked Raku Ceramic Sculpture with Gold Kintsugi lines, Approx 34 x 27 x 20cm

“Structural/Functional” ceramic sculpture/vessel can be displayed in several positions with interesting surface details from every angle, or positioned with the hole upright should you wish to use it for an Ikebana display for example (please note that although this sculpture can be used as a vase, Naked Raku ware is porous so should only be used for dried flowers/foliage).

£375 to enquire please email hellofiredupstudios@gmail.com (now sold, commissions undertaken)

Tunnel Vision

Naked Raku Sculpture, approx 40 x 27 x 30cm

A dark and brooding atmospheric ceramic sculpture, positionable in several ways, most intriguing when daylight is visible through the tunnel, giving a glimpse of something brighter beyond.

£375 to enquire please email hellofiredupstudios@gmail.com (now sold, commissions undertaken)

Black Gold

Naked Raku vessel, approx 23 x 27 x 27cm

Inspired by a trip to Abu Dhabi, this sculptural vessel has a “well” sinking down into the body, during construction a ceramic umbilical cord was inserted into the vessel before the well section was attached, meaning that when this vessel is handled one can hear the sound of the cord sliding around, and can occasionally glimpse sections of it as it passes under the well hole.

£250 to enquire please email hellofiredupstudios@gmail.com