Raku Course

Raku is a low temperature, rapid firing technique where the wares are removed from the kiln whilst red hot and placed in combustibles such as sawdust, pine needles and paper to create smokey blackened crackles through the glaze, it can also produce lovely metallic sheens and bold black & white designs.

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At the present moment Raku courses are only available to current students making work at the studio in the regular day time or evening classes.

For students a day’s raku firing costs £100 per student, maximum 4 students per day.

Firing days usually start a 10am and finish by 4pm depending on the amount of work to be fired. Students will learn how to set up equipment safely, load & fire the kiln and remove work safely into the reduction chambers using the tongs. All equipment is provided.

Items to be fired must be made from clay provided by the studio & made under the advice of the teacher during the regular classes.

Students who wish to have work raku fired on their behalf may do so, there will be a firing charge which will be calculated according to dimensions & nature of each individual piece.

Raku can only happen in fair weather so some flexibility regarding firing dates is essential.