Raku Course

Raku is a low temperature, rapid firing technique where the wares are removed from the kiln whilst red hot and placed in combustibles such as sawdust, pine needles and paper to create smokey blackened crackles through the glaze, it can also produce lovely metallic sheens and bold black & white designs.

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In this short course we will be making wares for raku firing using a number of different clay bodies and experimenting with different glazing, and unglazed techniques.

The course is suitable for beginners and those who have some experience of working with clay.

We are currently unsure of dates for the next course but if you register your interest now we can arrange diaries together.
The course costs £170 for 4 x2 hr making sessions & the raku firing session. There is an additional charge for the pieces you wish to fire, which works out at £5 for an average size vessel (more/less for bigger/smaller wares) depending on your previous making experience productivity will vary. The charge covers the initial “bisque” firing in the electric kiln and the Raku firing process.

If you have already made wares suitable for the raku process & would just like to attend a firing day please do get in touch to discuss.

Please note: as raku is a low fire technique, raku ware is still porous once fired so items you produce will not be suitable for containing liquids or food.

If you are interested and would like to know more please complete the form below: